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Lawn aerators, verticutters, and scarifiers are used to remove the spongy layer of thatch that sits on top of the soil. Removing the thatch allows the soil to breathe, move water, and move nutrients to the grass root bed.

Core aerators remove a solid plug of soil from the ground. These cores are then dropped onto the surface, where they can break down to return nutrients to the soil.

Slit-slice and delta blade overseeders, such as our Ryan Mataway and Bluebird models, also function as verticutters and scarifiers. Their cutting action scores the thatch and top soil layer.

Bluebird Core Aerator
Walk-Behind 18" Core Aerator
Adjustable depth and removable weights
$32/2 hours, $96/day

Classen Core Aerator
Walk-Behind 26" Split-Drive Core Aerator
Split drive allows operator to follow curves
$38/2 hours, $114/day

Pull-Behind Aerator
Pull-Behind 36" Core Aerator
Utilizes water jugs for weight
$36/2 hours, $72/day

Ryan Mataway Overseeder
Slit Slice Seeder
Can be used to cut top layer of thatch and soil
$60/2 hours, $145.20/day

Bluebird Overseeder
Can be used to cut top layer of thatch and soil
$40/2 hours, $80/day

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