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Submersible/Sump Pumps

Sump pump rentals include one 50' discharge hose

2-Inch Sump Pump
2" Electric Submersible Pump
73 GPM, up to 37' vertical lift

3/4-Inch Sump Pump
3/4" Electric Submersible Pump

Trash Pumps

Trash pump rentals include one 20' suction hose, a suction strainer, a 50' discharge hose, and a spanner wrench for tightening fittings

2-Inch Trash Pump
2" Trash Pump

3-Inch Trash Pump
3" Trash Pump

Other Pumps and Accessories

Koshin Diaphragm Pump
Koshin 3" Diaphragm Pump
Clear-water pump for irrigation, pond drainage, or water transport where solids are not present
88 GPM, up to 25' vertical lift
Includes 20' suction and 50' discharge hoses, suction strainer, and spanner wrench

Waterbed Pump

Additional Hoses
2" x 50' Discharge - $9.68/day
2" x 20' Suction - $9.68/day
3" x 50' Discharge - $12.10/day
3" x 20' Suction - $12.10/day

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